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This week: Confusing but cathartic

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What you seemed certain about yesterday could be subject to change this week as mind planet Mercury backflips into retrograde or reverse once more. It’s the second of this year’s mind-boggling phases, as 2108 started with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarus. From Friday 23rd March it all kicks off in another fire sign, Aries, although the retrograde shadow started on 8th March so you might have already had some clues about how this bout of cosmic madness could play out.

As usual, technology, travel and communication are areas that are likely to be most influenced so leave extra time for all you need to do and double check everything before you set off. Check change and money transactions more throughly now too. In Aries, Mercury tends to act first and sort out the details later. This might mean changing plans or having to make a lot of apologies en route to the final day of Mercury retrograde (this time around) on 4th May. It’s a time to rethink attitudes and give situations and people a second chance if you’ve been quick to dismiss them.

Adding an extra touch of heat to all this is the fact that that gentle Venus in Aries will be squaring up to sinister Pluto on Friday and over the weekend. This can bring out jealousy, suspicious, stalker-ish tactics, intense and possibly explosive emotions that may have been bubbling up for a while. Relationships and money may be the key issues as a full moon in Libra draws near at the end of March, the second time this year that there have been two full moons in the same month. Libra suggests harmony, and the clash with Pluto could bring a much-needed catalyst to get things out in the open, clear the air, and move on with a situation that has felt like the elephant in the room.

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