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Sometimes it's tempting to try to look too far ahead. But by focusing on the future it's easy to skim through the present and not focus on what's actually happening around you. Yet it's what you're doing now, or not doing now, that will get you where you want to be. This week on 25 February, the fiery Sun links to mystical, watery Neptune and it's going to be like moving through fog one careful step at a time. So you'll need to feel your way instinctively through this week rather than set your sight on specifics or on what may be obscured in the distance. It's a good week to cocoon yourself up, to think, dream, imagine and to use your intuition to bring you clarity. How might this influence your sign? 

Aries  You could find answers in your dreams so keep a dream diary to make sense of what your subconscious is telling you; Taurus Friends may be elusive or not what you thought they were, also do your ideals and aspirations stand up to scrutiny? Gemini If a work situation seems foggy or unclear, tune into undercurrents not into gossip; Cancer Get clear on a big travel plan, education, legal or spiritual matter; Leo Be sure of your acceptable boundaries with love and shared finances; Virgo Lovers or partners could reveal a hidden side, good or bad! Libra Don't delude yourself about a health or work routine, get real about it; Scorpio Tune into your creativity and romantic sides to get clarity on how either - or both - fit into your life; Sagittarius Nurture yourself and those close to you, see the light on home or family issues; Capricorn See the truth behind what you're really being told, also a great time for creative writing; Aquarius Don't kid yourself or others financially, or be misled by money matters; Pisces Check in with yourself to see who you really are and what you really want.

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