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Why it's time to make love not war

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Peace, love and understanding are the cosmic key words from now until October 2017, especially within relationships. Jupiter in Libra is the inspiration behind those sentiments, but bear in mind that the perfect relationship could just as easily be about freedom as togetherness now, because Jupiter is also about pushing boundaries.

Sweet love gives way to a more earthy sensuality and a little explosiveness this week. The theme of 'make love not war' is present with the Sun now in peacemaker Libra alongside happy-go-lucky Jupiter, but love planet Venus moves into secretive, sexy Scorpio on 24th September through to 18th September. Passion gets intense now, and clandestine love affairs could emerge as love goes all '50 Shades'. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's separation announcement tunes into the current cosmic vibes, with the hint of an 'are they or aren't they?' affair between Brad and his co-star Marion Cotillard. 

Scorpio's co-ruler Pluto wakes up from a long retrograde phase this week too, on 27th September when issues become black and white – there are no grey areas with Puto, let alone 50 Shades, as  Pluto has a habit of blowing secrecy out of the water. With this revolution taking place in dynasty-building Capricorn, it's an ideal time to let go of outworn issues linked to passion, power and money that have held you back in the past so you can start to build your future on firmer foundations.

So how might Venus in Scorpio and Pluto moving direct influence your sign? Aries Passions run high, romantically and when it comes to power and money too, so what goes on behind closed doors in the bedroom or the boardroom could have a big impact on you now; Taurus Relationships could get deeper and more loving than you'd ever imagined, if you open your mind and heart and learn to trust and communicate in a whole new way; Gemini You could be motivated to get super-sculpted, super fit and super sexy now – consider it an investment in yourself – plus your finances could do a 180 degree turnaround for the better now too; Cancer Romance gets sultry and sensual, and love connections or close business parterships could see a change in the balance of power; Leo Home is where Venus is most potent for you now, and transforming an outdated health, fitness or work routine could bring you greater satisfaction in all areas of life; Virgo A softer approach to how you communicate could alter a love situation for the better or help turn things around with an artistic or creative venture, or with a situation linked to children or fertility that may have felt stuck; Libra Money matters look set to improve, and the knock-on effect could transform your home-life now too, slowly but surely and significantly; Scorpio Venus in your sign makes you a love and money magnet, and gives you the charm to turn around an explosive situation with a neighbour, sibling or with travel and communication; Sagittarius Love and money may be on your mind more than usual, but be careful what you wish for as you could end up counting the cost with both in ways you'd never intended or expected; Capricorn Friends could prove their true worth in your life now, and knowing how much you're loved could bring a major change in your outlook; Aquarius Feeling valued at work and loving your job more is a strong possibility now, made easier by a change in your mindset that shows if you love what you do it no longer feels like hard work; Pisces Embrace new concepts or any overseas interests – friends could help to change any fixed ideas you've had in these areas and could also help activate ambitions that you've felt were going nowhere fast. 

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