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Why love is all around this week

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Let there be love. And creativity, and peace and understanding. All of these are possible and available this week as Venus and Mars meet up in Pisces. Pisces is all about merging and seeing the other side of the story, to the extent that you almost phsically feel another person's love – or their pain. Whether you're looking for love or looking to put the sparkle back into a longterm relationship this is the week it could happen although, as with everything in life, the more effort you put in the more you're likely to get out of the experience. Ways to express or enjoy this phase include getting more involved with music, movies and dancing. You might decide to have a movie date night if you're coupled up or to look for love at a dance class if you're solo. Indulge your own creativity through taking photos, painting or writing poetry. And anything that gets you near water puts you more in touch with your emotions and your artistic abilities during this phase that lasts through to 28th January. It isn't the only good time for love this year, there are more to come, and they're magical yet intermittent moments so make the most of them while you can. You can find out more by clicking on 'When Will You Find Love?' but this is how Venus and Mars could make beautiful music for you this week:

Feel the love by: Aries Indulging in or living out your fantasies of what romantic love should be like, or discovering that you have a secret admirer (or being someone else's secret admirer); Taurus This phase is about finding the friendship in love, or having a friend who becomes a lover, or about fulfilling some secret or very private personal ambitions; Gemini You could lose yourself in your work with this influence, or find a career-related soulmate to share the workload with you; Cancer Love could be an almost spiritual experience now, something that opens up your world, so links to travel and learning are a clue that you're on the right romantic track; Leo You like to be in control but this is about sharing the power in a relationship or with money, or finding a soulmate who's truly your equal; Virgo Venus and Mars connect in your relationship zone now so you're doubly blessed when it comes to love, whether you're seeking it or sorted; Libra Love can have a healing effect for you now as Venus and Mars meet in your health zone, and places connected to wellbeing are where love could blossom; Scorpio Romance and creativity collide for you now as Venus and Mars connect to boost romantic love and your artistic side – dancing would be an ideal way to make use of this cosmic influence; Sagittarius Home is where the love-light shines for you now, so plan big nights in rather than big nights out and get creative in the kitchen; Capricorn Often rather tongue-tied or even blunt when it comes to whispering sweet nothings, it looks like you'll know how to woo and be wooed during this phase, saying all the right things from the depths of your soul; Aquarius You may feel more inclined to lavish love, affection and gifts on a lover or prospective lover now to show how much you care (if attached) or to win their heart (if solo); Pisces You're a total love magnet during this phase, utterly irresistible  and drawing love to you in all its forms without even trying!

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