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What's happening in December?

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It's the countdown to the end of the year, but that's no reason to let down your guard, let things slide or let yourself relax too much just yet! The end of 2016, a particularly intense year, is in sight though it's not disappearing off into the sunset as quietly as some of us might have hoped.

First the good news. The middle of the month is an exceptional time for love and romance as Venus and Mars unite in Aquarius from 8th to 19th December. Friends could become lovers, and established lovers could rediscover the friendship that helps a loving relationship to truly work well.

This month also sees Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. It's Mercury's final reverse move this year, and it could bring flashbacks to events that occurred around the same time last year when Mercury also turned backwards in Capricorn. The retrograde shadow phase starts on 1st December then really kicks in on 19th December, drops into Sagittarius on 5th January then turns around on 8th January 2017 and is finally out of shadow on 27th January. Issues linked to responsibility and taking risks could need a rethink during this phase. As usual, the astro advice is to give plans extra time to allow for delays or changes, and to keep an eye on travel, paperwork and contracts. Keep any receipts as electrical goods in particular could need to be returned.

There's another of those Supermoons (so-called because they're extra close to the earth so exert more influence) on 14th December. It's a full moon in Gemini, a time to (carefully) clear the air, listen rather than dominate the conversation, sort out your budget and to shop cannily.

Over the key days of the festive season, unpredictable Uranus in Aries connects with Saturn in Sagittarius, so old and young folk and modern and traditional ideas could blend better than expected, appreciating each other's views if not exactly embracing them. Open-minded Jupiter in diplomatic Libra also connects with edgy Uranus at this time, but is in opposition so expect the unexpected in a big way. Things could turn out to be over the top so be extra tuned into undercurrents that might get a little explosive around this time. The same goes for New Year's Eve when Mars and Neptune in Pisces could heighten the potential for high spirits that could get a little too boisterous.

Things get a little more stable on 22nd December when the Sun moves into Capricorn, with a whip-smart Capricorn new moon on 29th December. Make those resolutions and mean them, although with Mercury retrograde you get the gift of a little extra wiggle room to start over on 27th January if your intentions get seriously sidetracked by all the festive diversions.

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