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Will your weekend be full of love?

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St Valentine's Day is almost here, so will your weekend be full of love? An odd combination of planets could make this February 14th an unusual day, where friendship and fun and what's unconventional is celebrated alongside more traditional concepts of romance.

With the Moon in sensual Taurus, it's a perfect day to be lazy, for breakfast in bed, tactile presents, divine massages, scented roses, aphrodisiac food, or to have lunch or dinner in the countryside after a walk in the fresh air, surrounded by Mother Nature's gifts.

Love planet Venus is in serious Capricorn (another Earth sign) on St Valentine's Day, so love that's timeless, classic, traditional, a status symbol  – and gifts of love that embody those qualities – are likely to be part of the V-Day package. 

If this is all sounding a bit heavy-duty, things lighten up with Mercury finally getting out of its shadow retrograde (backwards) phase this weekend too so it could be a day of unusual revelations or realisations. As Mercury slips into quirky Aquarius, there could be an unexpected proposal, or a declaration of love from someone you've always thought of as 'just a friend'.

The pressure for romance can be overwhelming at this time of year, so the accent on friendship – and that includes being a friend as well as a lover to your Significant Other if attached – helps lighten the load. And if you don't buy into the whole Valentine's Day thing anyway, that's also fine. Mercury in Aquarius makes a very clear statement that independence, individuality and loving yourself are worth celebrating now too.

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