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Unveil your inner Diva. The moon's north node moves into Leo this week on 29th April, urging us all to be proud or be loud – ideally both – about our hidden talents. The moon's north node is about destiny and karma, and while the moon's nodes in your own birth chart stays the same as it's a blueprint of the time you were born and shows your longterm karmic challenges (get your own personal karma report HERE), the planets are always on the move so every 18 months or so the moon's nodes move into different Sun signs and life gets karmically charged in different areas.

The nodes move backwards so for the past 18 months or so the focus has been on wellbeing and efficiency while the north node was in Virgo. Clean eating and healthy lifestyles have been big news in that time, but for the next 18 months or so free expression, fun, pleasure, singing, dancing, creative pursuits, children, babies and romance are going to feature a lot more in everyone's lives, as well as in the media. It's beautiful synchronicity that on the same day the north node moves into Leo, 29th April, Venus moves forward again out of retrograde (reverse) into another fire sign Aries. Impulsive, impetuous and even public displays of affection are more likely to be on show now and in the months ahead. There is another side to this. The north node gets all the glory and the good stuff, but the south node is where things could get challenging. With the north node in 'will do anything to be loved ' Leo, the south node falls in quirky individualistic sign of Aquarius. Rather than being embarrassed about what we're secretly geeky about, what makes us individual becomes our Unique Selling Point and that's the karmic challenge for everyone over the next few months. So embrace your inner Diva until 17th November 2018 because from that point on the north node moves into home-loving Cancer, challenging you to balance home and family with work while the south node moves into career-loving Capricorn.

How might the karmic north node in Leo influence your sign?: Aries Celebrate your passions and talents, and make your idiosyncracies work for you rather than against you; Taurus This influence urges you to make your home a more flamboyant place to celebrate and entertain and to balance home-life with the demands of your career; Gemini Do what you do best – amuse, entertain, inform and learn, but use it to open up your horizons and opportunities rather than stay a big fish in a small pond; Cancer Money and material values are extra important now so invest in what feels good and gives you comfort, but not at the expense of your individuality; Leo This influence shifts your destiny as you learn to see how your need to claim the spotlight can put partners in the shade, so while others are finding their inner diva during this phase you may need to gives yours a rest and let others shine instead; Virgo This phase is about thinking more flamboyantly, freeing your mind in a way that benefits your health and your style of working; Libra Big-up your ambitions and your friendships – you may find you attract a more theatrical or flamboyant crowd and some of that may rub off on you, helping you to express your passions and talents in a unique way; Scorpio Your career is where you're destined to shine now, but you may need to expose some of your geekiness in the process, which could be scary but cathartic and beneficial in the long run; Sagittarius Putting yourself out there, in the media or through travel, education or your spirituality are important now, as your unique knowledge or talents you have could make you sought after; Capricorn Being a little more daring or risk-taking, financially or romantically, could be a result of this phase for you, and being prepared to do things in a way that's outside your comfort zone is what will make the difference; Aquarius Relationships are set for a karmic change now as you could yearn for more romance and flamboyance with love, wanting the joy of togetherness more than wanting your independence; Pisces This phase focuses on your health and work, and is about enjoying both areas of life more which could be an emotional struggle for you but a challenge you need to face and persevere with.




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