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Your weekly stars are posted every Friday. Your stars for June are on their way!

Each month has its own Full Moon and the one coming up is in Sagittarius. No matter what your sign is, you're likely to be affected by this monthly phenomenon to some degree. Full Moons add extra emotion to situations and as Sagitarrius rules all things overseas, education, the media, law plus spirituality and religion, one or all of these could be sensitive subjects, for you and for the world at large, around 2 June when the Moon is at its peak. With serious Saturn also in Sagittarius, though just about to move out of the happy-go-lucky sign, there could be a sense of reilef as a difficult or restricted phase comes to its natural conclusion. So yes, you can forget your troubles and get happy, but you may need to face them and deal with them first. Something that began six months ago could come to fruition now too, in a good way. So how might the Full Moon in Sagittarius affect your sign? 

Aries You could complete a writing, media or study project, or finalise travel plans or a legal matterTaurus You realise it's time to sort out your finances; Gemini It's time to straighten things out with a love or work relationship; Cancer You acknowledge that you need to stop procrastinating with fitness or dull routines at work and knuckle down to it; Leo You're motivated to get serious about romance or a passion project - the secret is more work, less play! Virgo Make this your deadline to finish up a home project or something you're studying at home and move onto the next phase; Libra It finally sinks in that it's time to stop talking about that big important 'thing' and start doing it; Scorpio You see that the spotlight is on prioritising your values and streamlining your expenditure; Sagittarius You need to avoid burn-out so take a break, or make a change to how you cope with life; Capricorn You understand the importance of putting an end to negative thinking, to clear your mind for bigger and better things; Aquarius You're driven to achieve an ambition, even a minor one, so you can tick it off your bucket list; Pisces You're getting ready to complete a career phase, consolidate your knowledge, or move up or move on.

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