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What's happening in May?

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Welcome to May. There may be confusion ahead this month with issues linked to food, money, security and stability, all the things that the sign of Taurus resonates with most. Whatever your own sign is, if you've overextended yourself in any of these areas there could be some wobbles in store. This is due to mind planet Mercury retrograde in Taurus, usually a grounded and sensible sign, until 23rd May. It's not the best time to invest in anything risky until then, though it will be even safer to wait until Mercury is out of is shadow phase from 7th June.

An element of uncertainty or a longing for the past could creep into romance now Venus is in Taurus too, one of it home signs (the other is Libra). If you've lost that lovin' feelin' it could be that flowers, chocolates, candlelit dinners, massages, music and tenderness help to bring it back. With a New Moon in Taurus on 6th May a return to old fashioned romantic values is the new black.

And if you've felt oddly out of sorts physically or emotionally so far this year things could start to change for the better from 10th May when Jupiter does a U-turn in Virgo taking it out of retrograde and moving happily forwards again through to September. This is great news for anyone who might have felt down on their luck lately but even better news if you're Virgo as Jupiter is waking up in your sign. On the very same day Venus connects brilliantly with Jupiter too so there's added potential for everyone to be lucky in love or with money.

On 21st May a Full Moon in Sagittarius is the first of two in a row in this usually adventurous sign. It's a clear signal that risk-taking, recklessness and overlooking the details need to be put in the past. If the message isn't going out loud and clear enough this month, then next month's second Full Moon in Sagittarius drives it home in no uncertain terms that care, calm and attention is the way to go.

So May is about being kind, romantic, cautious, indulgent up to a point, thoughtful, loving, risk-averse and about finding new ways to stay healthy, happy, stable and secure. Are you up to this challenge from the cosmos? Check back here every week for updates to keep you motivated and informed.

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