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Why home is where your heart is now

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With two powerful planets currently in Cancer, home is a major focus of interest for everyone this week. Mercury suggests there will be significant conversations about where and how you live, or about the people you live with. Mars adds a degree of urgency or impatience, which could mean that home-related plans could get a push to get them going, or there could be heated debates and controversy about conditions or characters chez vous. This Mars and Mercury mix could also reveal faults with household appliances, in particular those where water is a key component including fridges, washing machines, shower units and the like.

The Sun also enters the watery sign on 22nd June then along comes the Supermoon in Cancer on 24th June. While in some instances this could literally involve a mopping up process, whether that's linked to tears or to a clean-up in the aftermath of a freezer meltdown, it also offers a chance to refresh and revitalise a family or home situation. Perhaps minor breakdowns are a sign from the comos that your bathroom or kitchen really does need a full-on makeover rather than have you constantly trying to patch things up. The same goes for how you get on with family or house-mates, where a seemingly insignificant incident could become a full-blown airing of long-suppressed grievances that may turn out to offer a chance to move forward in a good way, once the dust has settled. As with all New Moons, what you begin now is not an instant fix but if you work at what needs fixing in your home or emotional life, you should see vast improvements by the time of the full moon in Cancer in six months time.

So how might the Supermoon in Cancer influence your sign? Aries It could feel like sweeping a new broom through home and family issues, bringing a chance to start afresh with where and how you live; Taurus A good time to immerse yourself in what’s going on socially in your neighbourhood, and to learn more about nutrition or home design; Gemini A chance to pep up your finances and save for a home, or family or simply to help you feel more emotionally stable and secure; Cancer You’re more forceful and forthright now with Mars and Mercury in your sign, so this new moon in your sign too helps you with an image update that gets you taken more seriously; Leo Dealing with insecurities, real or imagined, gets easier now as you get a chance to look at what’s been troubling you from a different perspective; Virgo This new moon gives your friendships and ambitions an almighty boost; Libra Your career gets a reboot now that puts a fresh spin on a work situation that's become so routine and uninspiring that you could practically do it in your sleep; Scorpio All things alternative or ‘out there’ that may have felt 'past their sell by date' or over-familiar now get a chance to be renewed and revitalised, and this includes your internet presence where it's a good time to embark on something that's new and fulfilling; Sagittarius Concerns with joint finances and family interests that have been intense and private can start afresh now; Capricorn Relationships that have perhaps been more turbulent than tender can begin to set off on a new and more caring course; Aquarius Health and your work routines are due to become more nurturing and fulfilling; Pisces Love and creativity are likely to go through an exciting surge of renewal now.




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