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how the eclipse may change your life

It's officially eclipse season again, so hold on tight! Eclipses occur at least four times a year, and can bring life-changing experiences depending upon what you need to learn in life. The effects can be subtle or super-strong, and while they can be unsettling at first the results - once things settle down - are usually in your best interests, though you may not think thought so at the time.

This week sees the first of this year's eclipses, linked to a Full Moon in Libra on 15 April, so relationships of all kinds may alter in some way for your ultimate good. With the Moon's north node of destiny and powerful Mars (currently retrograde or in reverse) also in Libra this is a powerful time. The astrological backdrop also includes a rather tense planetary alignment so while you may be tempted to do something rash, bring out your inner diplomat. How might this eclipse affect your sign?

Aries: The balance of power in relationships may change Taurus: Working relationships and your relationship with your health may be revamped Gemini: Romantic relationships and connections with children may undergo a transformation Cancer: Home-life comes under the spotlight Leo: How you communicate with others especially in a learning environment may alter Virgo: Your relationship with money or your feelings of self worth may change Libra: How you see yourself and how others see you is up for modification Scorpio: Your views and mindset especially about relationships can be healed now Sagittarius: Friendships and ideals can be transformed Capricorn: Work and career connections may undergo a shift in power Aquarius: Your long-held beliefs may change profoundly Pisces: How you view intimacy and joint financial arrangements is likely to be transformed.

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