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What really makes you happy?

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The theme of fun continues this week with more planetary action with Mercury in playful Leo. Whether you're a serious-minded Capricorn, a sensitive Pisces, or a super-suspicious Scorpio, life is about to become more pleasurable. It started with Venus in Leo last week and now chatty, thoughtful Mercury joins the party. This potent cosmic combo makes us think more about what gives us pleasure, whether it's within a romance, at work, with the family or any other weird or wonderful part of our lives!

This is about pandering to our inner child, the part of us that doesn't want to grow up but wants to play, be creative, be dramatic or theatrical – to be the star of the show. Venus adds the love, Mercury adds the brains, so this could be about learning to play a musical instrument, being more flirty in romance and using some killer chat-up lines, or making a fabulous presentation at work that gets you noticed and talked about in a good way. So this week, have fun, but think about why you're having fun and make your pleasures pay instead of having to always pay for your pleasures.

So how might Mercury in Leo influence your sign? Aries Write a children's book, tell someone you love them, or play Twister with your lover! Taurus Have a party at home, set up an entertainments room or decorate a room to become a stylish place to study in; Gemini Get flirty, speak from the heart, earn money from your ideas, voice your opinions, get a new phone; Cancer Buy (and read!) more books or DVDs, indulge in theatre tickets, invest in entertainment that opens your mind as much as it gives you pleasure; Leo Speak up and out, join a drama club, become a film 'extra', communicate more wittily, learn stand-up comedy; Virgo Get any worries into perspective – love will find a way, and aim to find the fun in everything, and to look more on the sunny side of life; Libra Seek out intelligent friends for stimulating conversation or to collaborate on a plan or scheme; Scorpio Write business letters or job applications, or work on presentations that impress; Sagittarius Book a trip abroad, learn to teach or study something linked to the media or entertainment; Capricorn Get experimental in the bedroom, or channel your inner movie mogul by investing money in a production via crowdfunding; Aquarius Get engaged, or simply have a liberating, open conversation with your lover; Pisces Study or retrain for your current job or a better one, wise-up on fun ways to get healthy, and have a top to toe health check.

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