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One of the big influences on us all now is the move of the Moon's north node into Virgo. This may sound like astro gobbledegook, but in fact it's very simple and very significant. The Moon's nodes are said to be indicators of destiny or karma and life lessons. The north node shows the focus of our energy or potential for the time it remains in a sign, and since 12 November the north node has been in Virgo, the sign that's all about what's neat, precise, well-informed, hygienic, meticulous, and being clever with hands and minds, so these are the areas that get special attention – for everyone – all the way through to 9 May 2017.

The two nodes, north and south, are big news, showing where your challenges are (north node) as opposed to what comes easily to you or what you might have to give up (south node) to achieve your destiny. This is your karma just for this phase, as we all have the Moon's nodes in different signs in our charts (depending on our individual time and place of birth) which show our very personal life's purpose, or lessons we need to learn throughout our lives. For a more indepth and personal reading about where your nodes are click here. Things that may become more important during this time are health, especially alternative health, animal welfare, organic farming and food, herbs and healthy eating, crafts and making things by hand, learning lost skills or traditions, being precise and meticulous. Virgo can be a rather obsessive sign too so there is a danger of becoming unhealthily preoccupied with health, hygiene or the pursuit of a hobby or a pet cause. But it's also a time to become an expert in your chosen interest, so for instance you could turn a passion for health into a becoming a fitness trainer, or a passion for gardening into a new career. It's about considering where in life you can be of service. That's one of the key influences of Virgo, so this phase is about doing the best you can in an area of life that benefits others. 

How might the karma of the north node in Virgo influence your sign? Aries A desire to be more open to working as a group if you prefer to work solo, or perfecting your health and fitness, or being more caring about the animal kingdom; Taurus Your destiny lies with creating a healthier attitude to romance or finding the right partner if single, and becoming more proficient with a pastime or skill; Gemini Getting to the bottom of a home or family issue, making your home cleaner and more eco friendly, working more healthily or from home; Cancer This is about being meticulous about detail and communication but being able to step back and look at the bigger picture; Leo It's all about money for you, and your values, how you can use your money for the good of others, not just for yourself, and about getting your finances straight; Virgo The north node in your sign is about being the best version of yourself you can possibly be, and moving away from chaotic relationships; Libra This is about becoming more focused and decisive, making better use of your free time, not letting fears cloud your judgement, and helping yourself  by helping others; Scorpio Finding your tribe, people you can join together with to do something useful and amazing, even if it means diluting your own creativity – you'll get more practical stuff done through collaborations now rather than just be dreaming about it; SagittariusThis is about your career, becoming an expert, the indispensable go-to gal who helps everyone, even if it means spending (or wasting) less time at home; Capricorn Questioning your beliefs, making a healthy lifestyle part of your life philosophy; Aquarius Learning that intimacy can be healthy as well as happy, not fraught with power plays, as well as about getting to grips with erratic finances; Pisces Allowing yourself to give help as well as accept or expect help, being clear about what you want in a partner and being in a realistic relationship.

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