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Confusion alert! It's Mercury retrograde time again. That's when the planet of communication appears to be travelling backwards, and it can effect travel, transport, technology, trying to get your message across and more. This event occurs three times a year and the key dates this time are 22 January to 12 February but those in the know are aware that the dastardly planet began  causing trouble on 5 January and its shadow phase will finally be over on 4 March. It's nothing to fear but it can be better to avoid making big decisions, signing contracts, booking tickets or, especially now with Mercury in Aquarius the sign of technology, buying new gadgets. Here's what to watch out for:

Aries Miscommunications with friends, ideas veering off course, blasts from the past returning; Taurus Career mishaps, having to redo or rethink work, losing work on computers - back everything up! Gemini Travel glitches, double check online bookings, back up essays and course work if studying, and keep track of legal papers; Cancer Money matters, be alert at ATMs or online banking; Leo Relationship mix-ups, exes might be back on the scene; Virgo Health routines could slip, work routines may get confused or altered; Libra Romantic muddles, missed rendezvous, on-again off again love, hold-ups with creative projects; Scorpio Home gadgets may be problematic, house moves might be held up; Sagittarius Communication glitches or travel delays; Capricorn Money muddles, being over or under charged; Aquarius Confusion about your look, style, being misunderstood or unable to make decisions; Pisces Muddled thinking, forgetting appointments, losing direction.

All of these can be overcome if you relax, retreat, review, reflect, rethink - all the 're' words work now including rebelling and refusing to be daunted!

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