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Welcome to July. This month is marked by a rare occurrence: two full moons in the same month. Full moons bring fulfilment, fruition or closure and the first full moon on 2 July is in Capricorn, so this relates to situations with money, business, transactions, and public status.

One day earlier, a fabulous alignment of love and money planet Venus with planet of luck and abundance Jupiter shows that when one door closes, another one opens, one that's likely to be a whole lot more profitable and pleasurable too. So, for example, it could mean the end of a job, but the beginning of an enterprise that gives you greater freedom and enjoyment, potentially with more money - although the fact that you're going to be happier could outweigh the need for increased income. This 'Venus meets Jupiter' scenario repeats again this year in August and October, so think of it as the gift that keeps on giving! It can also relate to your love life, where again luck, happiness and personal freedom are all part of the mix, if they haven't been before.

July closes with a full moon in Aquarius, the sign of all things new, modern, rebellious and unexpected. So the message from this month's dynamic duo of full moons is to find a balance between what's traditional and sensible (Capricorn) and what's new and outrageous (Aquarius). Helping to even things out is a mid-month new moon in Gemini, signalling that the best approach is to think differently and get things into a new perspective. If you're Leo, you'll benefit most from putting new ideas into action around the time of this new moon on 16th July and for two weeks after. But whatever your sign, a new way of thinking is better than being stuck in old and outgrown thought patterns this month. 

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