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Why it's easier to say 'sorry' now

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This weekend finds Mars retrograde in Scorpio, one of its home signs. The fiery red planet has been doing a dance through secretive Scorpio and tell-all Sagittarius since January and will continue to do so until October – an unusually long time in astrological terms as Mars usually only stays for two months in each sign.

Mars in Scorpio hints at power struggles over love, sex, or money and as Mars also rules Aries issues linked to being assertive, demanding rights, battles, wanting to be first or at least to be acknowledged have also been more prominent so far this year. So while Mars is reversing through Scorpio, it's a good time to rethink any hastiness, anger, harsh words, financial disputes or passionate break-ups that have occurred since January. Retrograde planets are less full-on than usual, and this current influence offers a chance to go over what has been said or done, to clear up any mistakes or even to say sorry. This phase is like the stretchy part of a catapult, with Mars being pulled backwards. Once it's released on 30th June Mars will blaze a trail through Scorpio and Sagittarius all over again - bringing a chance to get things right with whatever we're passionate about, with renewed energy the second time around.

So how does Mars retrograde in Scorpio affect your sign? Aries You're calmer now or more subdued, and issues linked to money or passion can be approached with more thought and less of a need for instant action and answers; Taurus Your sharp intuition could be off-kilter now so don't just rely on your instincts, and intensity, anger or excessive passion or jealousy within relationships also calms down; Gemini Friendships and ambitions could feel less driven and dynamic now, and health or fitness could feel sluggish so be kinder to yourself; Cancer You might have less energy at work, a feeling that could also spill over into your love-life so that romance feels less intense or overwhelming; Leo Your wanderlust is not so full-on now, and home-life becomes a gentler, calmer place to be; Virgo Passion, secrets and power-plays subside, and a desire to seek the truth and tell it like it is becomes less of a driving force; Libra Relationships become less intense, and money – whether making it or spending it – is less of an uncontrollable need now; Scorpio Health issues brought on by anger begin to calm down, and you're less easily wound-up than you have been for a while; Sagittarius The need to overdo things, even with pleasure and romance, eases off now, and money concerns are less of a worry; Capricorn Home-life is more relaxed, and you're not so driven when it comes to friendships and ambitions; Aquarius You don't feel the need to say exactly what's on your mind so much, and you feel less incensed by things at work; Pisces Money issues calm down, as does a recent desire to be everywhere at once or all over the place, with too many fingers in too many pies.

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