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Why 'the truth is out' there this week

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The truth will out. Whatever's been hiding under the surface is likely to be revealed this week, ideally through a frank and fair exchange of views and a balanced opportunity to open up about deeply-felt issues. However...communications planet Mercury moves into super-suspicious Scorpio on Tuesday 25th October with the emotional moon also in the sexy, super-sleuth sign a day later, so it could feel like we've all had a dose of truth serum in an episode of true-life confessions.

Saying what you really feel could be inevitable. It might not be pretty, it might not be comfortable, but it's likely to be a weight off your mind and help you get to the bottom of a situation that's been unsettling you for a while. Getting it out in the open gives you a chance to change things, or at least to have them dealt with or listened to at last.

Even though Scorpio influences tend to get a bad rap wherever they show up, this Mercury-Moon mash-up is not necessarily a bad thing. You might for instance find that a deep-seated but secret attraction is reciprocated; you might get to the truth of a research project or creative endeavour that's eluded you until now; or a money issue could be resolved through more in-depth discussion. As passion, money and power are the key components of this week's planetary line-up, put the accent on honest, heart-felt communication to get to the truth of the matter and you shouldn't go wrong.

So how might Mercury and the Moon in Scorpio influence your sign? Aries Intimacy or money matters you share with a Significant Other – or debts you may have  – may need to be addressed now; Taurus This week influences your close love and business relationships where it's vital to get to the core issue of a home or financial scenario; Gemini A health or work matter could be improved with better communication and some in-depth research; Cancer Get to the core of a romantic situation, or think or talk your way to inspiration for a sensually-centred artistic aim; Leo Home is where you need to go deep this week – have a crucial heart-to-heart to clear the air; Virgo The truth could hurt now but it looks like something that's been hovering below the surface needs to be said - even so, aim to soften the blow; Libra A money matter could be under discussion and it could be linked to your home or to work where, again, clearing the air could feel like a necessary evil; Scorpio You might feel obliged to 'fess up' and explain yourself, your look, your outlook or your actions this week; Sagittarius While other signs are feeling the urge to purge themselves of deep-seated issues you're in the unusual position of being better off keeping things under wraps – thinking things through more deeply than usual now could be your best move in a long while; Capricorn Being frank with friends or putting your deep-seated, secret ambitions under close scrutiny is the way to make the best use of this week's Scorpio moon and Mercury influence; Aquarius Your career could do with some intense discussion, to cut away the clutter and get to the point of what truly motivates and moves you about your work; Pisces Consider the theories and deep beliefs that shape your view of the world and be prepared to discuss them or possibly even defend them this week.

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