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This week sees the second and final eclipse of the year. Eclipses are like life correctors, sometimes knocking you out of your comfort zone to put you on the right path that, for reasons of familiarity or - ahem! - laziness, you may have veered away from.

On 23 October, the New Moon eclipse is in Scorpio, so Scorpios or those with Scorpio rising will feel it most but, as ever, what happens in the skies above affects every sign in different ways here below. New Moons bring new beginnings, and Scorpio represents money, sex and power. Venus is in Scorpio now too and also symbolises money and love but the softer side, so added charm will get us what we want or need in these areas now! Here's a heads up to what the week's eclipse means for you:

Aries Start afresh with intimate relationships and finances; Taurus Relationships get a sensuality makeover, and the balance of power changes; Gemini Healthy is the new sexy, so get to a gym to boost your personal power and even find love; Cancer Increase your pulling power, as romance gets super flirty and creative ideas make you extra money; Leo Be super subtle and radiate passion from within, but be prepared to makeover your home into a love nest; Virgo What you say and the way you say it has extra power to seduce or, at work, to sell; Libra Money is sexy, but knowing how to use it better is more powerful still; Scorpio A new look empowers you to be who you're meant to be; Sagittarius Use the power of your imagination, as stimulating your mind works as well if not better now than stimulating your body; Capricorn Ambitions and ideals are powerful, make them happen with added friend power; Aquarius Empower your career with a new attitude; Pisces Travel is sexy, knowledge is power, combine both to really work this influence.

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