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This week: The start of the beginning

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There’s a lot happening this week and it looks like it’s the start of a build up to some big changes occurring in March, but more of that later. The first astro shift is with impatient Mars moving into the sign that's the embodiment of patience, Taurus, on 15th February. It’s the fiery planet’s first visit to set in its ways Taurus for two years, and is not the most comfortable of combinations. Mars likes to push and Taurus won't be rushed, so there’s the possibility of ‘bull in a china shop’ behaviour as people's buttons get pressed a little too hard or things are pushed a ittle too far.

Taurus symbolises the material world, money, luxury and comfort, plus tradition. This could manifest in the UK’s ongoing Brexit concerns, but it could also link to the rising movement in the food and farming worlds, where veganism is becoming no longer a fad but a ‘thing’. Both issues are likely to be longterm and ongoing sources of contention, especially when radical planet Uranus enters Taurus in March until 2027, overturning all kinds of tradition where money and food production, amongst other things, are concerned.

Also this week, there’s a whole heap of astro activity on 19th February as the Sun moves into soulful Pisces on the same day as a full moon in practical Virgo. Pisces is all about compassion and full moons often signify endings so again there could be more news about animal welfare, the health impacts of factory farming (on humans as well as on animals) and the tide turning to a bigger switch to more considerate and healthful ways to feed the planet.

This appears to be supported by Chiron moving into Aries, where lessons will be learned about not always having to do things the same old way just because that’s they way they’ve always been done, and about being more mindful about what we do rather than diving in headfirst without thinking then expecting others to clean up our mess afterwards. There are interesting times ahead, for sure…

It’s going to be a fascinating week (and year), so keep checking your own sign's horoscope or CLICK HERE to order a personal horoscope to make more sense of what the planets have in store for you. 


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