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Why it's time to rewrite your past

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It's time for another cosmic rethink. Clever planet Mercury is officially retrograde in Virgo from the end of August. When a planet goes into reverse, it offers opportunities to review, revise and revamp. If life has been intense or obsessive lately, aim to relax your grip and go with the flow. This 'let it all hang out' approach is not the Virgo way at all – we all have some Virgo influence in our lives where we are sticklers for perfection – but that's the very reason it could be just what you need now. The less controlling you try to be, the more easily you're likely to deal with the delays, frustrations, and miscommunications that Mercury retrograde tends to bring.

This Mercury retrograde phase lasts until 22 September and as Virgo is one of the mischievous planet's home signs (the other is Gemini) things could be more extreme this time around. Health, eco issues, ideas about perfection, all things linked to animal welfare, your pets, your fitness levels and your eating habits are ripe for reconsideration now. Making things by hand is more important now too. Get back to basics, revamp your garden or start a herb garden, write a letter rather than send an email, pick up a skill you dropped or try one you've always wanted to learn.

More than anything now, resist the word 'should'. 'It should be this way', 'you should have done that' are phrases that can't change the past, so why be held back by it? Rather than dwelling on how things should be, aim to accept them as they turn out to be and look for the silver linings. Car won't start? Perhaps you'll have a fascinating connection on a different route into work instead, with someone who you might otherwise never have met. The best way to get through Mercury retrograde in perfectionist Virgo is to adopt the Serenity Prayer: Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

So how might Mercury retrograde in Virgo influence your sign? Aries Explore alternative health options, revamp your wellness routines, rethink the way you work and lavish more love on and give more thought to your pets if you have them; Taurus Rethink your romantic moves or options and how you connect or deal with children, and consider whether your ideas of perfection or fear of failure are holding you back from a wonderful romance or from developing a creative interest; Gemini A good time to rethink your family values and beliefs, your home or your lifestyle; Cancer How you communicate, travel, or connect with neighbours or siblings is up for reassessment now, also this is about not beating yourself up over imperfect exam results or educational levels – resit or retrain; Leo This phase is about your finances and your values: look into reviewing one and the other will fall into place too; Virgo This is about reflecting on the past year – it's been a big one for you – and on what you've learned and what you want to take into the next 12 months towards your next birthday; Libra You've got through the past 12 months because of an extra positive attitude, so this phase is about analysing how that worked for you and how you can incorporate it in your world from now on – it's also about better mental or emotional health and making better, clearer decisions; Scorpio The people you connect with, your friends and groups and your aims and ambitions could need some fine tuning now to suit who you are, not who you were; Sagittarius If life has been all work and no play lately, now's the time to figure out how to get more pleasure out of life and how to pursue your dreams; Capricorn Be prepared to revise your opinions and views on the big issues in life – opinions aren't facts; Aquarius Money, passion and power are up for review for you now that Mercury's retrograde in Virgo; Pisces This phase is about looking at your closest relationships from a different angle, and talking through differences or settling old scores so that you're on the same wavelength.

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