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Eclipse action and how it affects you

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It's been a long time coming, but a change is gonna come (as the song says). Eclipses have been occurring in mystical Pisces for the past two years, and the last of these life-correcting phenomena in the sign of the fishes occurs this weekend on 26th February, with a new moon or solar eclipse.

The cosmos has been showing us something important that we need to learn or change in our lives since 2015 so this month's final eclipse means it's kind of now or never to get the message – at least until the next set of eclipses in Pisces arrives in 2024. The cosmic clues are likely to have been about healing, ageing and blurred boundaries or no boundaries, especially within relationships. Pisces themes also include closure, creativity, imagination, safety and sanctuary – and look out for some wild weather and major water-related occurrences in the news as the eclipse hits a peak on Sunday.

New moons bring new energy, so with this added eclipse in the mix whatever you plan or put into place now might go off at a tangent or turn out differently from your original idea but is likely to be for the best in the long run. You might have felt this influence already or are yet to experience it as eclipses can reveal themselves in subtle (or not so subtle) ways up to a month either side of the actual date of the event.

The backdrop to all of this is thoughtful Mercury moving into Pisces on the same day as the eclipse, so expect some inspired and intuitive thinking to emerge around this time. But with fiery Mars and unpredictable Uranus joining forces this week too there's a danger of being too hasty or rather accident-prone, so while you may be keen to get on with your plans, count to ten before you do anything that is more of a knee-jerk reaction than a well thought-out manoeuvre.

How the Pisces eclipse could influence your sign: Aries Trust your instincts as this eclipse could show that your intuition is spot on, and allow yourself to let go of fears or fantasies and to feel healed; Taurus You might lose a friend or abandon an ambition but you could find a new tribe and choose aspirations that are more suited to who you are now; Gemini This is likely to be about your work, where a subtle change could make all the difference to how you approach your work or how you feel about your job; Cancer Taking a leap into the unknown could come up for you now, helping to boost your education, make you more clued-up to the power of the media or send you off travelling; Leo Your money and passions get the eclipse treatment this time around, so if something has been lacking for you in either area, you get the chance to put things right; Virgo Partnerships, either romantic or at work, can find a better balance now especially if one side has been overwhelming the other; Libra If you've been floundering with health and the way you work, both get a cosmic kickstart, and pets or small animals could feature in your life in some way now too; Scorpio Romance, creativity, the things you do for pleasure and matters linked to children get revitalised and renewed in unexpected ways; Sagittarius Home and family are the focus of this eclipse for you as a stumbling block could shift to make home-life happier; Capricorn Communication is key now, and an important conversation or journey could be life-changing; Aquarius This eclipse influences your finances and values, either of which could fluctuate now so be adaptable and prepared to go with the flow; Pisces This is the last of  several eclipses occurring in your sign, so it could be time for another personal makeover or lifestyle change but this time to one that you're finally happy to stick with.




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