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Why it's time to speak your truth

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Where and with whom would you like to get onto a better, more equal footing when it comes to a love or work partnership? The new moon in Libra on 19th October could show you the way. Libra played host to Jupiter until earlier this month, which has meant a new take on relationships for everyone. Exactly how this has manifested will depend on your own sign or rising sign, but the key thing has been about learning how to rely less on others and more on yourself, in a good, strong, life-affirming way.

This new moon could bring a not so subtle reminder about having more freedom, more fun and less co-dependence if you’ve already started to slip back into co-dependency since Jupiter changed signs on 10th October, so don’t be surprised if there are minor spats and disagreements with those close to you this week. It’s all about re-setting your – and their – boundaries.

Now that Jupiter’s in Scorpio alongside vocal Mercury, what’s been hidden before could be out in the open and very much discussed. The recent and ongoing allegations linked to movie mogul Harvey Weinstein are 'Jupiter in Scorpio plus Mercury' personified: a larger than life media personality (all Jupiter traits) whose sexual secrets (how very Mercury in Scorpio!) are up for public scrutiny and judgement (Jupiter again). 

So this week is a good one for clearing the air of relationship worries or deep intimate concerns by talking them through, potentially wth a counsellor (also a Jupiter ‘thing’), but ideally not via instagram or facebook unless you really want the posibility of your darkest secrets aired in front of friends, family and strangers




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