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Your weekly stars are now posted every Friday. Your monthly stars for May are ready to view! 

Welcome to May. A new month, with a new day for posting the weekly horoscopes. Check yours every Friday to see what's in store for the weekend and the week ahead. 

This month starts with a Full Moon in Scorpio on 4 May. It's the best time of the year for detoxing, decluttering and starting over. No matter what your sign is, at least one area of your life could benefit from an actual or emotional deep clean now, whether it's to shake off a toxic relationship, or to deal with a bothersome health issue or a general feeling that life could be so much better if only.... Now's the time to work out what 'if only' means to you, and to get on the case. 


But be prepared to change your mind and backtrack because - uh-oh! - it's Mercury retrograde time again! We're already in the shadow phase but from 19 May through to 4 June, the planet of travel and communication 
officially goes into reverse. It's happening in the sign of Gemini, which rules Mercury, so this could get complicated. As ever when Mercury's retrograde, check travel plans, take extra care with any kind of conversations, messages or with important documents, and back up computers and keep a firm grip on your phone!  


This phase could also bring ex-lovers or unfinished business out of the woodwork, so think hard about giving someone or something a second chance, whether you're prepared to risk making the same mistake twice or are all about really making things work out differently this time around.


With Mars also moving into Gemini from 12 May, we'll all be in a hurry to get things done or to get our point across in no uncertain terms, but we'll also need to be prepared to back down gracefully if all this rushing about makes things go horribly wrong.


Also this month, Venus moves into Cancer on 8 May so home matters are looking more harmonious and potentially wonderfully loved up too. A New Moon in Taurus on 18 May brings new insights into finances, prompting a move towards quality over quantity,  especially with all things delicious and indulgent, whether that's food, fashion, or relationships. And speaking of relationships...


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