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As they say on in-flight safety videos, in the event of an emergency you need to take care of your own needs before you can take care of anyone else. This week it could pay you to put yourself first, at least up to a point.

A number of planets are squaring up to each other 'up there' which is causing friction 'down here'. So everyone's got their own agenda and priorities, and no-one wants to listen to or care about what anyone else has to say or what their problems are. It's all gone very Aries and about 'me, me, me!'. Self preservation is all very well, but with Jupiter retrograde in diplomatic Libra and soothing Venus energy also in reverse and currently out of balance things could go too far – even far enough to cut ties with key people in our lives if we're determined to dig in our heels rather than be prepared to bend a little or compromise.

Fortunately on Tuesday 28th March a new moon in Aries brings new insights. Aries rules the head, and there's been a danger of acting on impulse before engaging the brain lately but this new moon offers a refreshing perspective on current irksome situations for everyone. 

How might the new moon in Aries affect your sign? Aries This new moon in your sign urges you to see that you don't have to do things the way you've always done them or be the way you always have been, so surprise yourself with some adjustments in attitude or to your personal style – in a good way; Taurus You can wear yourself into a negative groove with worrying about what you lack rather than what you have, so if you don't feel you can change your current situation use this new moon to change the way you look at it instead; Gemini New friends could revitalise your world this week and over the next six months as it's your best time of the year to put new ideas into action with others; Cancer Work gets a kind of makeover with this new moon so if things have been a bit of a shambles lately some military precision could help, or if on the other hand things have been too rigid, an unexpected approach could work miracles; Leo What would you like to learn and where would you like to go? This new moon inspires you to travel, to get better informed and to pass on your specialist knowledge to others; Virgo A money makeover could be in oder with this new moon, as could a resurgence of interest and action in activities in the boudoir; Libra Relationships that have been hard to handle could surprise you now with a fresh start with a current involvement or with a new love interest arriving on your radar; Scorpio A new job or new role at work could arise now, or you could find a new and better way to work – and the same goes for health where you could feel a real surge of energy to get fitter and more fabulous; Sagittarius A new romance, baby news, or a new place to hang out and have fun could emerge now, as could a desire to get seriously creative in your own unique way; Capricorn Get busy at home now and for the next six months whether it's getting on better with family or initiating a major Spring clean; Aquarius If the way you communicate hasn't been effective lately, try changing tack this week as a new approach could work so much better than your current one; Pisces Money is in the sights of this new moon, and you get a chance to reinvigorate finances that may have fluctuated wildly of late, and get back in your financial comfort zone.




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