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This week: Stop, in the name of love
Friday, 15 February 2019 12:04

Being sensible is the way to go this romantically charged Valentine's week. Venus in serious, ordinarily unemotional Capricorn will help everyone to keep calm and carry on when volatile Mars and edgy Uranus meet up in go-for-it Aries.

Expect the unexpected, from inappropriate outpourings of love, to outraged backlashes at home or work, to clumsy accidents. It all kicks off around 13th February, the day before Valentine’s Day, so whether you receive a card that offends your sensibilities or don’t receive the card you were hoping for at all, it could be tricky to put a lid on any angst that arises this week. But put a lid on it we must, as overreactions over seemingly trivial incidents could do more harm that good.

Mercury the communications planet meanders into Pisces now too, so while honesty is usually the best policy, rather than blab the unvarnished truth it may be better and easier to fabricate some little white lies to smooth over any unnecessarily difficult or awkward situations. This is not about hiding any wrongdoing, it is about tact and diplomacy, both of which could be the factors that make or break this week.

What’s happening in February?
Thursday, 07 February 2019 20:32

The big news this month is the new moon on 4th/5th February in Aquarius that, as well as bringing new energy to friendships, groups, ambitions and all things a little bit out of the ordinary heralds the start of the Chinese Year of The Pig.

There is some crossover between the Chinese Zodiac and Western astrology. Both have 12 signs, and while the Chinese symbols are all animal related including the Rat, the Rabbit and even the Dragon, Western astrology includes non-animal symbols such as the scales for Libra and the water carrier for Aries. While Chinese astrology works with lunar cycles, Western astrology is mostly about the Sun, so those in the know will be aware that the correct term whether you're Gemini or Capricorn or anything else is your Sun sign rather than your Star sign!

Each sign in Chinese astrology becomes the main focus once every 12 years, a little like the Jupiter cycle in Western astrology, but while your Jupiter return (the planet is currently in its home sign of Sagittarius) is usually a very good, rather lucky influence, if your Chinese sign is in charge of the year ahead, the belief is that it’s wiser to keep a low profile during that year. 2019 is the Year of the Pig, which corresponds in some ways to the Western sign of Scorpio, the sign that had its lucky Jupiter return throughout 2018, but if you want to find out what your own actual Chinese sign is check online. Remember that the Chinese year starts from February so if you were born earlier in the year you may be a different sign from your friends who might have been born later in the same year.

But back to Western Astrology and the month of February…Tuesday's new moon is auspicious, bringing new possibilities that can grow and develop over the next six months. With Mercury also in Aquarius, the start of the month is about thinking your way through things in logical but unique ways but from 11th when the communicator planet moves into Pisces it’s more about feeling your way through things instinctively.

If life has felt full on and feisty and perhaps a little accident prone lately, things calm down when Mars, the planet responsible for too much speed and not enough haste, moves into the calmer domain of Taurus from 15th February. Whatever needs to be accomplished will be done with extra energy, but also with more thought and consideration.

All the recent erratic energy is partly due to jittery planet Uranus in its last few weeks in Aries. From 19th February sensitive Chiron (Ky-ron) enters the warrior sign of Aries to stem the need to dive into things without thinking, and brings opportunities to learn or teach rather than to bluster our way through situations that are new, unsettling or unnerving. Every day is a school day.

But what about love and Valentine’s Day? Love has the potential either to get serious or romance could feel a little hard to come by as Venus spends the month in sensible Capricorn. The moon will be in chatty Gemini on 14th February, easing onwards into nurturing Cancer, so it’s an ideal time for a get-together over a home-cooked meal, to splash out on take-out or head to a cosy spot that serves up comfort food in style. Keep the conversation light, and you could end the evening by 'putting a ring on it', moving in together or making baby plans before V-Day is through! Single and satisfied? Treat yourself to what makes you feel pampered and special, because you’re worth it. It’s a good month to sort out any money concerns too as Venus in Capricorn urges you to invest sensibly, whether that means in love, dinner for two or with any major purchases you may be considering now.

The full moon on 19th February is a Supermoon that falls in fastidious Virgo. so letting go of a need for perfection and allowing your individuality to shine through is also a big theme in February.

This week: brave or foolish?
Thursday, 31 January 2019 12:28
This week spirit and intention align, as benevolent Jupiter in Sagittarius connects with forceful Mars in Aries. Unusually, both planets are in their home signs, adding extra oomph to what occurs now, though things could get a little reckless and ill-thought out as issues become more reliant on speed, energy and blind faith rather than logic and what’s tried and tested.

With the Sun and quick-witted Mercury in Aquarius, the sign that loves to try all things new, breaking the mould goes with the territory now. Conversations, short journeys, improved technology or transport are all more in focus over the next few weeks, it’s just a question of thinking outside the box, doing your research, and asking the right questions, whatever iunusual aim it is you hope to achieve now we're in Aquarius season.
This week: how to be flawsome
Thursday, 24 January 2019 20:43

It’s eclipse time! This week the final eclipse in the Leo and Aquarius eclipse sequence that’s been in progress since February 2017 falls in Leo on Monday 21st January, the very same day that the Sun enters the opposite sign Aquarius. But what does it all mean?

Eclipses conceal rather than reveal and there’s been something hidden behind the scenes over the past two years of this phase. It links to the idea of 'putting on a show' or performance so that you can be loved and admired by everyone for who they think you are, versus being brave enough to reveal your vulnerability and be loved because of your flaws instead of despite them. Uncomfortable as this might sound and feel – and eclipses do tend to drag you out of your comfort zone –  you really can do this, because you’re FLAWSOME!

This eclipse affects everyone, though how this might influence you individually depends on your Sun sign or more importantly your Rising sign, the sign that was most significant in your own unique astrological chart at the moment you were born. To find out more about how this final Leo eclipse could could change your world check out this week’s horoscopes

This week: when the going gets tough
Sunday, 20 January 2019 07:49

We’re in Capricorn season now and as a result of this a feeling of 'doing it tough' may be pervading the month. A hint of repression or restriction could be making it hard to stick to resolutions and to ‘be good’. However, aim to persevere with Dry January or Veganuary or other resolutions as this is a phase that’s all about ‘know pain, know gain’ and if you stick to it more than you fall off the wagon you'll see results that will not only impress you but that will last. Don't let one slip spoil the rest of the work you've put in.

A fascinating scenario could arise around Saturday when the Sun connects with combustible Pluto in serious Capricorn. A mash-up of differing energies could bring out dark secrets or hidden desires. The Sun in the mix could involve powerful male energy, and Pluto here can help with your personal evolution though often only after a personal revolution. It could be that this catalyst is small but strong, and needs to happen in order bring things out into the open that have been bottled up for far too long.

By Thursday luscious Venus and sensual Mars make a fruitful connection, respectively in adventurous Sagittarius and in go-getter Aries.This could bring knowledge, love, travel, fun, money, spiritual enlightenment or all of the above. There might be a little fame or freedom in the mix too with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius in its home sign applying to Mars also in its home sign of Aries. The message for this week then appears to be that there will be sunshine after the rain, good after the bad, love after loss. All it takes is a little luck and belief (Jupiter) and a little effort (Mars).

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