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How to Tune into Moon Power

DECISION TIME! Do you take that cool new job or stick it out for a promotion? Should you say yes to a date with your new dude or wait for a hotter offer? If you’ve ever wished you could outsource your big life questions, here's some good news... You can, it’s free, and there’s plenty of this ancient wisdom to go around!

If you want to make your life more
 zen and happening rather than energy-zapping, tune into the energy of the phases of the moon. Not only will you be more 
in touch with your intuition, you’ll be working with the rhythms of nature, too.

The moon has a huge influence on plants, animals, the ocean and us – and while the natural world instinctively taps into the lunar cycles for optimum performance, we humans tend to ignore this particular call of the wild.

But start keeping a diary of moon phases and you’ll soon see that some people tend to go a bit ‘loony’ – a word derived from the term ‘lunar’ – when the moon is new or full. You might even find yourself letting your own wild side loose when the moon is at its peak.

Your menstrual cycle is another take on moon cycles. Each cycle is around 28 days long, the same loop as the waxing and waning of the moon. So feeling bloated with water retention or wanting to shed a tsunami of tears around these times could be linked to the watery influence of la luna.

Long before we had mobile phone apps, following the movements of the moon was the only way to stay on top of what was going to happen, with a new or full moon each linked to an energy depending on when they occurred. It’s ancient stuff, but it still holds true today – it’s just a matter of applying this knowledge to modern life...

Want a fresh start or have a business to get off the ground? New Moons are ideal for start-ups – as the moon waxes or increases, your venture expands. Choose a New Moon day to launch a personal project, kick off a fitness program or even begin a new relationship, as arranging a first date on a New Moon gives it extra energy. Start small and let your workout schedule, business plan or romance grow. You’ll get results more naturally and will know for sure how things are shaping up at the time of the corresponding Full Moon six months later.

Full Moon, full stop Full Moons usually signify completion, so they’re perfect timing for seeing projects through to fruition or to set as deadlines for your fitness targets. They can also be highly emotional times when you’re more likely to make rash decisions, binge eat or go on crazy spending sprees – take a breath and count to 10 before dumping your lover or throwing in your job, and step far away from the credit card or the cookie jar! Being near water can be therapeutic during a Full Moon, and if you really can’t resist the urge to splurge, do it in a way that’s going to benefit your health. Splash out on a soothing spa treatment or a shopping basket full of fresh, healthy food.

Eclipses: The life correctors Eclipses often get a bad rap and long ago were considered to be bad omens, as they’ve been known to cause the sky to darken, turning day into night. They occur at least four times every year, as a solar eclipse when the New Moon passes between the earth and the sun, or as a lunar eclipse when the earth passes between the Full Moon and the sun. The events that occur during an eclipse and up to a month either side can be life-changing, bringing things to light that you didn’t see coming. But, what may appear to be a negative turn of events at first often turns out to be the best thing that could have happened to you, like losing a good job but finding an even better one. So learn to love the eclipses, they have your best interests at heart.

Moon magic ■ The best time to start a slim-down mission is during a Full Moon. As the moon wanes or reduces, so should you! ■ If you want your hair to grow faster, have it cut on a New Moon. If you want a low-maintenance ’do, have it snipped on a Full Moon day so it grows more slowly. ■ Starting a veggie garden? Get planting under the New Moon. Choose plants that grow above the ground like lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and spinach so the leaves get the full energy of the waxing moon’s beams, and then harvest your crop when the moon is full.

Stay in sync with the moon with a little help from your phone! Download the free Phases of the Moon app on Google Play or look for the Moon app on iTunes.



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